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Search, review and make sense out of of massive amounts of data enabling your organization to solve previously indivisible research tasks, enable data-accessibility, and deliver insights to your teams, software, and AI.

AGNES' combination of novel Data Cleaning (ETL), Concept Clustering, and Search technology; combined with low resource requirements (no GPU required), enable you to make sense out of petabyte scale and larger datasets.

Agnes for Data Lakes

Find what you're looking for in moments, in any type of unstructured data, from emails, documents, images, audio, video and more - discover previously unknown concepts and connections utilizing concept clustering.

Agnes for Data Rivers

Discover and observe what's happening in real-time information, from emails, social media, news, video feeds, or any other type of unstructured - discover what's trending in advance.

Agnes ETL Pipeline

Leverage a novel ETL (Extract, Transform, Load) pipeline designed to handle the complexities associated with unstructured data, which can include documents, emails, text, images, audio, and video files - output to structured JSON and XML.

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