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We serve government by providing insights that enhance decision-making, improve public services, increase operational efficiency, predict trends, optimize resource allocation, streamline administrative processes, help in fraud detection, emergency response planning and improving citizen quality of life through personalized services.


In the commercial sector, Agnes supercharges business intelligence, customer and marketing insights and operational efficiency. We can reduce carbon footprints by 90% and and optimize supply chains. We can also enhance the overall customer experience. Our capabilities lead to increased revenue and reduced costs.


Agnes serves law firms and legal cases by assisting in document review or e-discovery, legal research, and contract analysis. We can analyze large amounts of data in real time to identify valuable evidence, reducing the time and cost associated with manual review. 


Unstructured data makes up 80% of data worldwide across all industries. Agnes provides insight from unstructured data in real-time at hyperscale - allowing us to serve every Industry.

Industries We Serve

The Health industry produces an astonishing amount of data every second. Agnes can provide value through medical data analysis. Trends can assist in diagnosis, patient outcomes and treatment. We can provide management of patient records, optimize hospital operations, and facilitate medical research through data analysis.


In intelligence, Agnes enhances data gathering, analysis, and threat detection. By processing vast amounts of information from various sources, we can identify patterns, predict potential threats, and support decision-making. Agnes can also assists in surveillance, cybersecurity, and mission planning by providing actionable insights.


In the modern world, Law Enforcement has become burdened by growing amounts of data evidence. Agnes can manage large datasets from various sources to support investigations, detect trends to aid in proactive policing and enhance public safety.

Law Enforcement

We serve education by supporting organizational goals with data insights which can lead to growth and advancement in learning experiences, administrative operations, student outcomes and retention rates.


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