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Unstructured data is a mix of many file types that do not fit into data tables, making it very hard to organize, read and gain insight from. This data makes up to 90% of data today.

What is Unstructured Data?

Unsupervised AI eliminates the need for teams of engineers and lowers the labor requirements for implementation and operations. One human can now do more work than an army and consistently provide more accurate results.

Why is Unsupervised AI better?

Agnes is the only tech that can search, review and make sense of massive amounts of unstructured data in real time at hyperscale, with increased effectiveness at scale. In short - we can handle way more and do it way faster.

What makes Agnes unique?

Storing and creating data makes a massive carbon footprint. Green AI reduced this footprint by creating more efficient processes. Agnes minimizes carbon footprints by 80-90%.

What is Green AI?

AI Transformation is growing at staggering speeds as AI is being implemented across all industries. We work in partnership with to provide AI Transformation services.

Does Agnes provide AI Tranformation?

Agnes can be deployed in any cloud, network or secure environment within hours. This includes air-gapped, Blackbox, no-push, no-pull deployments.

What environments can Agnes deploy in?

Agnes Intelligence
Frequently Asked Questions:

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